If we are being totally honest we have all taken our hairstylists for granted.  With COVID-19 locking them up for 10 weeks we are all singing their praises as they freshen us up just in time for summer.

Angel here and believe it or not my hair is super low maintenance.  It doesn't grow fast, not a lot of breakage, and I only get a color treatment about two times a year once in the fall I freshen up my brown and once before summer I have Kevin throw in some highlights here and there to brighten me up.

When they closed the salons I was like I can do this.  I am going to be totally fine.  My hair decided otherwise.  It was like a flower needing to be water and snipped and fluffed.

My only saving grace is (dear lord knock-on-wood) I have not gone grey yet.  So I was fine.  However, I know as I watched Facebook unfold I saw less and less up-close selfies of friends and family.

So, I am here to shout it from the mountain tops HAIRSTYLISTS, BARBERS, HAIR SALON OWNERS WE LOVE YOU!

Thank you for increasing our confidence.  Thank you for not only making us feel good about ourselves but for taking time out of your day for our lives.

Hairstylists aren't just there to cut and color.  I can tell you when I walk in and plop down in Kevin's chair it is completely therapeutic.  I unpack my stress, drama, stories that I don't tell anyone else and he does the same to me.  It is totally healing in so many ways.

He just gets me and he isn't afraid to say "GIRL GET IT TOGETHER" when I am losing my mind over something unnecessary.

They love us through lifes ups and downs, divorce, job loss, new jobs, school, kids, nervous breakdowns, you name it they have listened and helped us cope with it.  I can tell you they are essential for the sanity of the human race.

So today we celebrate these amazing people who keep us together so the rest of the world can bear to look at us.

Tri-State Hairstylist SHOUT OUTS

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