Near the end of last night's UK/Texas A&M game, freshman Isaac Humphries made THE defensive play of the game by grabbing the ball then drawing a foul with under 10 seconds left in the game.

It was pivotal because the 'Cats were up 76-75 and could've gone up three putting them in an excellent position to win the game.

But Humphries' celebratory mood led him to spike the ball--in jubilation, not anger--and he was assessed a technical foul.

Since he had fouled out, his sub, Skal Labissiere, had to shoot the free throws.

But then Texas A&M got two free throws and the ball because of the technical, made a two at the buzzer and won the game 79-77.

Great game.

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas was the game's color commentator and couldn't believe that technical foul was called. I heard him say the ref, Pat Adams, sure, was well within his rights to call that technical. But since there was no unsportsmanlike conduct on display, that call was discretionary. As Bilas said, "He wasn't gonna get fired if he didn't make that call."

Interestingly, the SEC rules about calling technical fouls don't exactly address what Isaac Humphries did.

In the next one, truer words were never spoken:

Good kid. With a good future. Kentucky's lucky to have him.

Before I go, a big congratulations to Texas A&M. It was a great game and they needed a big win.

The 'Cats are at home Tuesday night against Alabama. We'll have all the action for you on The Country Station 92.5 WBKR and WOMI 99.1FM and 1490AM.