I guess this shows what I know about politics. I had no idea a governor could just sign an executive order and dissolve a school's board of trustees. But that's just what's happened at the University of Louisville.

Bevin will appoint new members to the board, himself.

Based on his comments, which included the suggestion that the board was "not particularly functional," the recent scandals surrounding the school were the reason he made this decision.

In a press release, President Ramsey said that "a restructured Board compliant with state law should have the opportunity for a 'fresh start.'"

However, one of the outgoing trustees, according the Louisville Courier-Journal, has said that Ramsey's resignation does not have to be accepted.

Even Governor Bevin is using words like "could" when discussing a time frame for Ramsey's departure.

So, we'll have to wait and see what happens.


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