These adventure-loving pups are finally home, but the family wants to share a cautionary tale to be sure that this doesn't happen to your pet. Keep your pups close.

Payne Family

The Payne family are elated that their fur-babies are home. These fun-loving brothers got lost around the Hwy 1738 and Hwy 1414 area. I just talked to Andy and he feels as though his initial gut suspicion may indeed be true. This morning he saw an older, black SUV driving slowly by their house. He's never seen it before and it just seemed odd, so he stayed by the window, to see if anything unusual would happen. Sure enough, it came by again and went a little further up the road. Then the SUV came by a third time, going maybe 50 or 60 mph. They were in a hurry.

Minutes later Rosco & Rocky came walking up the driveway. Coincidence? Maybe, but you should still be aware. Andy said that both dogs looked really good. They didn't seem to be mistreated or hungry. Maybe they were going to be sold? Possibly, but because of your shares and putting the word out there, we may have very well stopped that from happening. This is why you need to watch your pups when they go outside.

I keep an eye out on the Lost & Found pet pages and I swear that a black SUV has been spotted in other circumstances. Something to be aware of for sure.

Chris or I ALWAYS watch Lucy and CoCo when they go outside to go potty. I just would never take any chances of a wild animal getting them, or a human up to no good. Although, they'd want to give them back if they did. They are both a hot mess! But, seriously. You just NEVER know, so be careful and hold your fur-babies tight.

This was from the original post and as you can see, it's quite possible that their biggest fear was a reality. We're just happy they are home safe and sound!

"Our puppies are missing and 3 kids have broken hearts!!!! They turned 1 on December 25. Both males and answer to Rosco and Rocky. Half boxer half lab. We fear they were stolen.  Anyone with info please let Andy or myself know (270)316-4431. Hwy 1738 and Hwy 1414 area. Reward if found and returned."

Payne Family
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