It's Week #8 of Friday After 5 in downtown Owensboro.  The 25th Anniversary Season continues with some exciting special guests lined up.  This evening at 5:15, dozens and dozens of baseball teams will join in the USSSA Baseball World Series Parade, which will begin at the Jagoe Homes Patio Stage at RiverPark, continue down Veterans Boulevard and wrap up with a fun awards ceremony at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum.

I am thrilled to be emceeing the official start of the parade.  I'll be introducing each of the teams that have come to town to battle it out on the ball diamond.  My buddy Ron Rhodes, from Eyewitness News, will be the Grand Marshal for the parade and will then emcee the awards ceremony.

In addition to showcasing some youthful athletic talent, Friday After 5 will be showcasing tons of musical talent as well.  In fact, we'll be helping out.  Friday marks the final open audition for WBKR's Friday Night Fight.  Two more acts will qualify for our finale event, which is coming up at Friday After 5 on Friday, August 6th.  There, one act is going to win $1000 and get the opportunity to play the Ruoff Party Stage at the FA5 season finale on Friday, Sept. 3rd.

Join us at the Jagoe Homes Patio Stage at 6pm to hear our latest singers and bands battle it out at the mic.

Plus, here's a look at the other acts taking the stage tonight.

Here's the Lineup for Week #8 of Friday After 5 in Downtown Owensboro

The 25th Anniversary season of Friday After 5 continues in downtown Owensboro. Here's who's taking the stages tonight in Week #8.

Plus, there will be live music from All That at the Romain Subaru Overlook from 7pm to 9pm.  And, following the USSSA Awards Ceremony at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum, there will be this week's Backyard Movie, which will be Angels in the Outfield.

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