What do you do after you've had a good long nap? If you're a Missouri bear, you go looking for a snack as one of these apex predators has just been spotted near several Missouri roadways.

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Fox 2 St. Louis shared this video from a driver who noticed something furry in the woods nearby. It's one of Missouri's many bears who is now out of hibernation.

According to their report, this bear has been seen near Highway 185 & Highway YY, Highway BB and also Highway 50.

The North American Bear Center mentions that bears come out of hibernation normally by mid-March when their regular food sources are available again. That means that even though this big guy is just now being seen near roadways, he's likely been up for a month or so foraging.

It's no secret that the bear population is on the rise in Missouri which led to the Missouri Department of Conservation hosting the first ever bear hunt in 2021 and another set for October of 2022 in an attempt to keep the population manageable.

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