Everyone has their own method for dealing with higher gas prices. A new video share shows that one Missouri man apparently took it one step too far as he was seen driviing down an interstate on a go-kart.

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I saw this fun moment shared on Rumble from a driver who went by the go-kart genius. He added this backstory:

I know gas prices are high but this guy has lost his mind. Missouri law enforcement pulls over a man driving a go kart down the shoulder of I-470. The man is seen pleading his case but the officer shuts down his little joy ride and orders a tiny tow-truck to remove this nuisance on the go.

He does look like he's pleading quite a case with one of Missouri's finest.

Even go-kart websites say this is a bad idea. Go-Kart Guide even says that it's a no-no to attempt a ride along in your own neighborhood. Go-Kart Informer wisely advises that you and your kart stick to tracks designed specifically for your racing wheels.

While it's easy to laugh at this Missouri guy, this could have taken a much more serious turn (no go-kart pun intended) for the worse. The low profile and relatively low speed of a go-kart compared to regular vehicles on the interstate could have led to some clobbering this guy without even knowing it.

Yes, gas prices are high and that sucks. However, this isn't the solution. Thankfully, it's just a guy getting a ticket and not injured or worse.

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