19 year old Clinton Hamilton was last seen in December 11 @ 4am in Oaktown, Indiana. His truck disappeared along a flooded road. (Facebook)

19-year-old Clinton Hamilton is missing. He's been missing since early December. His family is scared, frantic and now, they're desperate to find out what happened to their boy. That's why they're turning to you for help.


Clinton was last seen in the early hours of December 11 (that's two months ago) when his truck stalled-out on in high water in what's known as "the bottoms" near Emison, Indiana. A few days later, Clinton's truck was found in high water in a remote area of Knox County, Indiana, but there was no sign of Clinton.

Now, his family is offering a $1000 reward in hopes that someone will come forward with even the smallest piece of information about what happened to Clinton Hamilton when his truck stalled out in high water December 11, 2011.

Searches of the levee, the ditches, the woods, and the area of Knox county where Clinton's truck was found have turned up empty-handed.

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