With reopening happening more and more across the nation, some are wondering about their favorite vacation destinations.

I'd imagine Walt Disney World and its properties are high on the lists of many.

So it should come has excellent news that Disney has announced its plans for the phased reopening of its theme parks, hotels, and stores, according to the Disney Parks website.

When I was a kid, there wasn't a more "magical" experience than getting off that monorail and walking onto Main Street and just BECOMING part of the Disney magic.

Well, on July 11th, guests will likely discover that that magic hasn't faded one bit when the Magic Kingdom reopens in Orlando, pending approval from the state of Florida and Orange County.

Disney's Animal Kingdom is also slated to open back up that day with EPCOT Center and Disney's Hollywood Studios set for a July 15th reopening.

Naturally, there will be attendance limits and guest density will be controlled so as to maintain proper social distancing.

Additionally, all patrons will need to reserve in advance via the organization's new reservation system, keeping in mind that all those with EXISTING reservations will be prioritized, meaning all new ticket sales will be temporarily suspended.

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