Are you or WERE you a fan of Friends? Well, I guess if you WERE, you still are. The iconic NBC sitcom wrapped up its 11-season run in 2004 but has lived on in syndication and on streaming platforms ever since.

Just like we've never been without The Brady Bunch being on the air SOMEWHERE for the nearly 50 years since it was canceled, the Friends gang has "been there for us" for the past 17 years. And it isn't letting up anytime soon.

I was a fan of Friends, too. I didn't watch the first season, but picked it up in season two and never "put it down." HOWEVER, I'm really now only a fan of every episode AFTER Chandler and Monica got together. That turning point--which could easily have been the classic series' "jump the shark" moment--was, as it turns out, the HUGE shot in the arm the show needed. I've always felt it got more creative and--most importantly--FUNNIER once that happened.

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But no matter; the legendary sitcom has enough fans that it shouldn't be difficult for Best Value Schools to find someone who will watch five seasons of Friends for $1000. Honestly, they'll likely be turning a LOT of people away.

The organization, which helps folks find the best possible college or university to suit individual needs, is looking for fans of the show who have "lively, outgoing social media personalities" who will watch all episodes of those five seasons and post about them using and

The application page says that Best Value Schools needs you to be at least 18 years of age, allowed to work in the United States, and an active social media user.

Once you've finished, you'll rank the episodes and post them.

Sounds like fun. Good luck.

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