She could have just kept on going and let nature take its course. Instead, a brave lady decided she needed to do something about a great grey owl that had found itself tangled in barbed wire.

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A couple things to note: 1. There's no location given where this happened. 2. Even though they didn't record the owl actually getting free, it does. Here's how they described what happened:

My daughter and I found and rescued a Great Grey Owl caught on a barbed wire fence on March 3. The bird was rescued and flew away calmly once detached from the barb. Its feathers managed to get tangled on the barb and fortunately for it did not penetrate into its wing.

One reason I wanted to share this is they are more concerned about freeing the owl than capturing the complete video. Once they realized the bird was entangled worse than they originally thought, they put the phone down to help the bird. I applaud them.

These ladies were really taking a risk trying to help this bird. As Wild Explained mentions, great grey owls have huge talons and can be dangerous if they're in jeopardy or guarding chicks. While this owl species isn't quite as territorial as others, this is still a huge bird that could have seriously injured their hands if it had panicked.

Well done to these Good Samaritans for having mercy on an animal in distress and special kudos to putting their phone down and doing the right thing instead of filming the happy ending.

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