What sort of weird magic is at work here? A new video shows a self-declared fish whisperer get his hand bitten by what appears to be a very large bass.

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I've done some investigating, but still can't determine exactly where this happened. The Fish Whisperer Facebook page shared this short reel video showing a man slapping the water to pet a fish? Maybe? The petting doesn't happen, but the biting definitely does.

I found the original video and it gives a little more context to what you're about to see. The fish is named "Shadow" (because why not) and he's feeding the fish who he obviously knows on a first-name basis.

I tracked this very interesting fisherman back to his YouTube channel which has over 1.25 million subscribers. He apparently built his own ponds to be homes for the fish he "whispers" to. Brilliant.

If you even remotely enjoy fishing and/or watching things about fishing, you need to follow The Fish Whisperer on Facebook and his official YouTube channel. If you can manage to get bit by a bass you know by name, you deserve the name The Fish Whisperer.

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