I would imagine this Midwest family thought they'd never see their dog again after he was stolen 5 years ago. Fortunately, they were wrong and their reunion was captured on camera.

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The backstory behind how this reunion happened is amazing. Here's a snippet that was shared on YouTube:

A family was reunited with its dog, Kaya, four and a half years after the animal disappeared outside their Indiana home. This footage, recorded by Rebecca Turner, shows the moment owner Megan Doty embraces her dog for the first time since the animal went missing in December, 2017. The reunion was facilitated by local not-for-profit organization Misfits for Veterans who saw Doty’s social media posts stating Kaya was lost.

Here's the moment that Kaya came home.

I did some digging (no dog pun intended) and learned this family is near Indianapolis, Indiana. Fox 59 shared this family's story and explained that after the volunteers realized they might have found their lost dog, they played a video of one of the girls talking about Kaya and he whimpered. He remembered them.

How many dogs that are stolen are ever brought home again? Sadly, that number is likely very low. But, for the Doty's and Kaya, it's a real lovefest as they are now together again. Let's hope that's always the case.

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