Many people outside of Illinois believe these 10 things are true about our state, but we would beg to differ.

Common Illinois Stereotypes

My family spends a lot of time at our cabin in Wisconsin and I love everything about it, except one major thing...when Wisconsinites find out we're from Illinois. (If our license plates don't give us away, the likely chance that my father is wearing a Bears shirt definitely does).

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Aside from jokes about how bad the Chicago Bears suck, I've learned first hand that people in Wisconsin like to say things like this to Illinoisans;

  • Everyone sucks at driving in Illinois. (Our roads may suck, but not all our drivers do)
  • All Illinois politicians are shady. (Pretty much true, but I feel bad saying "all" politicians are shady. It might be more appropriate to say "Most".)
  • It's really expensive to live in Illinois. (Taxes are high in Illinois, but obviously, not all homes and cities are)
  • There's a big difference between Chicago and the rest of the state of Illinois. (100% true for so many reasons)
Does everybody in Illinois have an accent (1)

During my quest to find more "accurate" Illinois stereotypes to be armed with the next time I head up North, I came across this article on

The article lists 10 Illinois stereotypes that are "completely accurate", and it immediately put me in defense mode.

Now, before I list them I will admit that there is some truth behind all of these judgments, BUT I would like to argue my case against each one to see if you agree too.

10 Illinois Stereotypes People Say Are Accurate But We Think Are Questionable

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