'Tis the season for the Grinch to come out of his cave and spread whatever it is he spreads this time of year around the Evansville area.

One of the most iconic Christmas characters of all time is the Grinch. His disdain for all things Christmas, quick wit, outlandish comments, and all-around demeanor have made him somewhat loveable somehow. Over the past few years, here in the Evansville area, we are visited by the Grinch throughout the holiday season. You never know where he will pop up or what he will do, but you can count on it being nothing short of entertaining.

Each year, Mr. Grinch teams up with The Hills Church to spread Grinchmas cheer to all of those in the Evansville area. Over the years, they have produced some very entertaining content here in town.  Before we get into what the Grinch is doing in 2021, take a look back into the Christmas past to see what he has done in Evansville.

First, et's take you back a couple of years when the Grinch took over our sister station, My 105.3 WJLT, shall we?

Also back in 2019, the Grinch decided to take a little joy ride around Evansville. Check out all of the trouble he caused.


Now, we know that 2020 was kind of an odd year, but that didn't stop Mr. Grinch from having a little fun in Evansville. This video made me laugh out loud multiple times...

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Now, in 2021, the Grinch has returned to the Evansville area to wreak havoc on unsuspecting people at local restaurants. See for yourself and enjoy a few more laughs from Mr. Grinch.

There's no telling what the Grinch will be up to next, but if you want to keep tabs on his journey with The Hills Church, follow them on Facebook.

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