Brenda Walker retired to go to work helping others. Graced Again began in 2019 with the idea to provide individuals graduating from shelter programs with furnishings for their new home. There are basic household items that most of us have an abundance of that are priceless to those in need. Basic things such as silverware, cookware, wash cloths, towels, twin beds, and box springs.

In one such case, a new mother was in need of everything for her newborn. While still in the nicu at our local hospital, volunteers were gathering baby items to surprise the mother with a nursery makeover for the newborn.

Brenda has dedicated volunteers who are blessed to pick up donated gently used household furnishings such as couches, chairs, beds, tables, lamps and anything else you want to donate.

Brenda would never ask, but she has one BIG need. With an inventory of furnishings scattered at three different locations, it is difficult for volunteers to quickly gather household items for distribution. We are asking for Brenda, ONE BIG BUILDING! Bless Brenda with the gracious gift of more space in one place.

Contact: Brenda Walker to donate a building or any household items: 270-316-7219

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