Have you ever returned home and your dogs welcome you and sit there innocently acting as if they've been perfect citizens all day? Spoiler alert: that likely isn't what happened and it can be proven thanks to a new security cam video showing what the dogs are doing when you're not home.

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Ashley is a 24-year-old occupational therapist who works days while her 3 dogs named Mia, Bentley and Kya are left in her house. She decided to set up a camera to see what her dogs were doing while she was gone. This is quite a revelation.

It begins with a wrestling match then continues into a bark war with whatever they heard outside. It was after this that the furniture cushion removal and tug-of-war began...

These 3 should take some lessons from 2 dogs who were left alone at home with a cat, yet managed to be almost completely innocent.

If only this was what really went down when your eyes were away. This dog created a magical musical number.

That's why we love our pets. Never a dull moment. But, the next time you return after leaving them alone at home, check the cushions for teeth marks. Don't ask me how I know.

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