Ewan McGregor's been an outstanding talent in films from 'Trainspotting' to the 'Star Wars' prequels, but in today's Way Back When we give you a look at McGregor before he was famous.

'Lipstick on Your Collar'

Um, you guys -- what is this?! Every once in a while we come upon something when researching Way Back When that defies logic, and 'Lipstick on Your Collar' definitely falls into that category. A 1993 TV series that follows two young clerks at the Foreign Office in Whitehall (that's in England, FYI) who are more interested in rock and roll and hooking up with ladies than they are with ongoing political crises. And apparently they lip sync on this show, like, a lot:

'Scarlet & Black'

This BBC mini-series from 1993 was based on the novel by French author Stendhal and followed a young, ambitious and poor womanizer named Julian Sorel (McGregor), as he slept his way through women of higher social rankings to improve his life. Rachel Weisz also stars in one of her earlier roles:

'Shallow Grave'

In this 1994 movie, McGregor plays one of three obnoxious and quirky flatmates searching for a roommate for their open room. They finally find a guy, but then he turns up dead and leaves behind a suitcase of cash. McGregor's character leads the others to keep the money, and drama ensues, as it usually does in these situations:

'Blue Juice'

With a name like that, we expect nothing less ridiculous from the trailer, and we're quite pleased. This 1995 movie follows a surfer living with his girlfriend and contemplating his future when his equally listless friends show up with problems of their own. McGregor plays Dean, a drug dealer with some obnoxiously absurd hair:


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