Globes and angels and stars are fine, but for the folks who like to be a little more imaginative with their Christmas-tree decorations—whether from boredom or budget—we’ve come up with a list of five unusual ways to help get the creative wheels in your noggin spinning:


The world of origami offers up a ton of potential Christmas decorations. With a little patience, some solid directions, and the right paper and materials, you can create an impressive tree full of exquisite origami ornaments. Stars (like the ones above), snowflakes and small paper trees are just the tip of the decorating iceberg. If you choose to go the origami route, you’ll be sure to have a beautifully adorned home over the holidays.

Framed Family Photos

Framed photos of all sizes can make for great, last minute tree decorations. Set the photos on limbs, or rigs the smaller ones so they can hang from the branches. If the artistic bug hits you, you can even craft your own specialized photo ornaments. Intersperse them with colorful Christmas bulbs, and voilà—you’ll have a very personal holiday tree in no time at all.

LEGO Christmas Tree Ornaments

LEGOs can be fashioned into all kinds of Christmas decorations. You can start with a standard set of LEGOs and build small trees, hearts, angels and snowmen. If you want to go with a particular motif, snap together a Star Wars-themed set of ornaments, or opt for DC and Marvel superheroes, or perhaps figurines from ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ You can even find a click-on brick loop to thread your string though, which will make hanging these LEGO ornaments a real snap (heh).

A Tree Made of Cans or Bottles

Not in the mood for a living tree this year? Sure, you could buy an artificial one, or you could let your inventive side loose and build a tree out of recycled cans or bottles. Green beer bottles, 7-Up cans (because they’re green) or plastic bottles will all do the trick. Assemble them in a variety of ways and make a pyramid-like tree, which can then be decorated however you choose.

Cockroach Tree Ornaments

Cockroaches might sound like a strange idea for a tree, but why not try something completely different? We’re not talking about real bugs here, plucked out of a roach motel. Cockroaches made out of recycled cans (buy or make them yourself), roach pendants, “alien” roaches, or even a glass globe with a rubber cockroach inside of it are just some of the options you can choose from. We know a roach theme isn’t for everyone, but tastes vary, and some people really like bugs— even during Christmastime.

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