It feels like we've been waiting for years, for this announcement. Actually, I guess we have been waiting years, for Noble Roman's to return to Evansville's West Side. Well, according to the Noble Roman's Craft Pizza & Pub Facebook page, the Grand Opening is set for this Sunday, November 24, 2019. Their menu promises to offer 'The best craft pizzas and brews in Evansville'. The local menu is not available yet, but we can take a peek at the Carmel, IN menu, to see what we have to look forward to. Hopefully, our location will be offering the Gluten Free & Dairy Free options.

Screenshot Noble Romans Pizza Pub

I used to work at Noble Roman's back in the 90's, and as much as the menu has changed, the bread sticks remain - Thank goodness!

Screenshot Noble Romans Pizza Pub
Screenshot Noble Romans Pizza Pub
Screenshot Noble Romans Pizza Pub

• Dough made from scratch in our glass-enclosed, climate-controlled dough room

• Ultra-premium, high protein King Arthur brand flour that is never bleached or bromated

• Every pizza is crafted to order from our selection of over 40 toppings

• Traditional thinner crust or our signature Deep-Dish Sicilian crust

• Our famous breadsticks are scratch-made and hand-rolled fresh daily

• Sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh veggies and filler-free meats and cheeses

• Variety that includes jumbo fresh salads, house pastas and baked sandwiches

• The ‘Piazza Bar’ features over 29 beers and 16 wines, with many craft and local favorites

• A self-serve, craft root beer tap in the dining room that’s fun for all ages!

• Lively and comfortable dining rooms with 12 or more large screen TVs throughout

• Our Dust & Drizzle Station where you can add sprinkles and drizzles to your pizza, pasta and salads

• Can’t dine in? We offer free, to-your-car ‘Pizza Valet’ service every evening

Source:[Noble Roman's]

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