Remember that time you bought that uh-mazing pair of shoes; you got them home and tried wearing them and threw them off your feet as fast as you could because they just weren't what you thought? Or maybe Grandma saw the perfect pair of clearance kicks at the Shoe Carnival and picked them up for you but they just weren't your jam. Maybe you just have a bunch of nice shoes in your closet that you just don't wear anymore... Well, the West Terrace PTA is happy to take your gently worn new or used shoes. All types and sizes are welcome! 

According to fund2orgs, "The shoes they collect are given to support micro-enterprises in impoverished nations such as Haiti, Benin, Zambia, Togo, Swaziland, and more. The shoes are sent to people who go through a free training program on how to runt heir own small business selling shoes. They are given a free supply of shoes to get their business going. Once their business hs been established they can purchase more shoes at a low cost. This enables them to make a huge increase n income to pay for housing food, education for their children, and hire employees. The thought s that a "Hand Up" is sometimes more beneficial than a "Hand Out" because it helps people/economies start to become more self-sufficient."

If the school raises 7500 pairs of shoes, the school will receive $3,000 and all the money will go towards making improvements the playground!

To donate text or email Kim Sitzman at 812-205-3777 or email until 4-8-17.

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