Since Fall has surely arrived in the Tri-State it's the perfect time to grab your pumpkins for decorating.  We've found the cheapest and best in Daviess County.

One of our family traditions is to go as a family and let the kids pick pumpkins.  Then we let them paint or carve them for the front porch.

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Pumpkins can be quite expensive if you get them from the store.  We believe in supporting our local farmers and we have a lot of them in the Tri-State.

Habit Hill Farms on Hwy 142 in East Daviess County you can get to it from Hwy 231 or coming from Hwy 54 if you turn right before the fairgrounds.

It's always an enjoyable experience because the pumpkins are sold right on the farm and Little Joe lives a stone's throw from where they are set up.  He literally remembers every single person who comes to buy pumpkins and he will talk your head off.

The address is 1950 Hwy 142.  Make sure to "carve" out a little time when you got.  Extra Large Pumpkins are $5, Large are $4, and smaller ones are anywhere from $3 all the way down to a bargain box of 2 for $1.  They even have bales of hay for $5.

Habit Hill Farms is owned and farmed by the Wright Family.    It was formed in the 1980s by brothers Ray and Carl Wright.  They have been farming for as long as I can remember.    Ray Wright and his sons John and Brent Wright and many others in their family have made HWY 142 a wonderful family farm for many years.  The most popular and most recognizable face you'll see is Little Joe.  He's a local celebrity and the sweetest.

The Wright's farm corn, soybeans, wheat, and cattle.

Angel here and I am quite fond of Habit Hill Farms.  My best friend, Jamie, is married to John Wright and they are the kindest, hardest working people I know.

We are certainly blessed to have two awesome family farms out in Philpot with pumpkins!


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