I saw a headline that said something like, "The Most Popular Movie the Year You Were Born" and I clicked on it.

Well, it was one of those blogs that's presented as a slide show and it takes forever to get to the next slide and your bombarded with ads and on and on and on...

Plus, it only went back as far as 1972, so forget that.

I decided to find another website that would give me the same list but with more years.

And I found it. It's called The Numbers and it goes all the way back to 1915.

But I only needed 1966.

It turns out The Bible was the top movie the year I was born. It features an all-star cast which was popular back then and popular for Bible-based movies.

It made $34.9 million that year. That translates to $264.5 million in 2017. That must have been a down year at the box office. Nowadays, movies that are the biggest hits of the year usually top out north of $400 million.

And while it's called The Bible, it only consists of Old Testament stories. Nothing from the New Testament here.

By the way, while I'm pretty sure I've seen it (they used to show it on network TV in the 70s all the time), I don't remember it.

Anyway, there are some HUGE movies on this list like Jaws, Rocky, Ghostbusters, and multiple Star Wars movies.

So which one is yours? What's the biggest box office hit the year YOU were born?


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