I'm not the best at looking at what exactly goes into my trash before I roll it out to the curb for the sanitation department. Example, I usually throw out batteries that don't work anymore. Am I allowed to do that?

Actually, yes. Batteries, the AAA kind, do not fall under the Owensboro Sanitation Department's prohibited items list, but these do:

-Grass and/or lawn clippings


-Gas-fuel cylinders

-Hazardous chemicals or poisons

**Liquids of any kind (now you have to wonder if they mean even something as simple as water or something you didn't drink all of)

-Oil, fuel, or any kind of flammable liquids

-Paint: Contents must be completely dry for collection

-Tires: Must be taken to a transfer station, and you will be charged

-Aggregate materials such as concrete, asphalt, dirt, rocks, etc.

-No fluorescent light tubes; the transfer station will also accepts these for a charge

-Construction materials like drywall, windows, doors, lumber, fencing or anything generated as a result of a remodel or construction project.

-Anything that would possibly be harmful to the sanitation vehicles and/or workers including: engine blocks, long rigid/semi-rigid ples, rods, beams, towers, large appliances containing any organic material *food waste*

-Medical waste; no loose needles/sharps in your bin for collection. HERE is where you can find the complete medical waste rules.

Now, as for recycling, I didn't know this, but the drop-off center here in town, at 1401 W. 7th St., they will take magazines, newspapers, AND phonebooks. I have PLENTY of back issues to drop off! You can also recycle the normal stuff, aluminum and steel cans, cardboard, and plastic containers, but those containers must not be a drink bottle, plastic bag or styrofoam, and nothing larger than 5-gallon bucket will be accepted.

Here's more information on recycling in Daviess County.


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