It's a much-visited historic Missouri bridge. What could possibly go wrong if you were to visit it at night? If legend is to be believed, you don't want to find out.

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I love history and came across an interesting Reddit thread discussing Missouri urban legends. One I had never heard of was the Bollinger Mill State Historic Site. One user named "littlenovva" shared this terrifying story:

Lastly, I can't believe no one has mentioned this - Bollinger Mill. Most terrifying place I have ever...been to. Go at night, turn your car off. Just sit. Listen. Watch. They do not hesitate to come to you. Leave if they do. You'll see lights, hear screaming, see creatures that shouldn't exist.

Others also commented about the creepiness of Bollinger Mill at night. During the day, it appears as the most ordinary place.

The interesting part of these stories about Bollinger Mill's bridge and surrounding forest is that there are very few documented cases of paranormal experiences there. However, there are ample stories from different Reddit groups that say this is the one place in Missouri you do not want to go to at night.

According to Wikipedia, the mill and bridge were built in 1825 by George Frederick Bollinger. It was also an area greatly affected by the Civil War. Is it possible there is some remnant of that era that remains?

As it stands, it's one of the very few covered bridges that remains in Missouri. Perhaps best visited during the daytime if stories are to be believed.

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