It's National Nachos Day so we ask, from an authentic Mexican restaurant to a sports bar, where can you find the best nachos in the area. Who has the best nachos that you've ever had?

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This girl LOVES me some nachos. I'm a plain jane, but for me the seasoning is key. I make and order my nachos with just beef, cheese and tomatoes. I also like a good plate of BBQ nachos with just pulled pork, cheese, tomatoes and BBQ sauce. Yep, I'm a simple gal. How do you like yours?

I've had nachos at many places all over town, but my husband always says that mine are the best. Again, because of the seasoning. It's key to a delicious, flavorful plate of nachos. Well, and adding a margarita or ice cold beer always completes the meal!

I just had a memory come to my brain. I hadn't lived here long and went to a mexican restaurant in town. I ordered nachos like I mentioned above. It took forever as my friends were already served. They forgot about me. But, wait. They brought out the most simple plate of nachos......with LETTUCE on top. At this point, my friends were almost done eating. I told the server that it was all good and I wasn't that hungry anyway. The server insisted bringing me a new plate. I truly wasn't upset, as I usually never get too worked up because accidents happen. But, wait. They bring the nachos back out and had hand-picked the lettuce off of the plate. YES. Gross, right? Needless to say. That restaurant didn't last long and I never visited again anyway.

Back to business. We want to hear from you!

****As always, if I've left a restaurant off, it was unintentional. It takes a lot to research this information and it's possible the restaurant didn't show up in my google search. Just let me know ASAP and I'll add them to the poll!

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