Today was a BIG day for Whitesville native and RWRA employee, Billy Howard. He spent time in Seattle competing in the National Equipment Roadeo. The results are in!

Whitney Howard

UPDATE: Billy said that he didn't think that he did well in the first event, but nobody had a perfect run. He feels pretty confident that he did really well in the second event. The results are in...and, he didn't make it in to the Top 3 (heavy sigh). Those are the only positions that were announced, so it's possible that he made it in to the Top 10. What I do know about Billy, is that he's number one in the husband and father department. He raises money for his community and cares deeply for everyone. To me, that's what's most important. You made us proud. There's always next year!

Earlier in the year, Billy competed in Louisville, at the Regional Equipment Roadeo and came in 2nd place which earned him the chance to compete at this National event. He'll be up against regional winners from all over the country. This is the first time in Regional Water Resource Agency history that an employee has made it this far, so win or lose, Billy is already a winner.

Today at the Washington State Convention Center, Billy will be showcasing his skills in the Mini-Excavator Competition. He will work two courses on the mini excavator. In the Tennis Balls Event, his operator skills will be tested in the removal of balls placed at the top of five stands, spaced in a random pattern in the mini excavator swing area. Lastly, Billy will compete in the Cylinder Event which will test his skills in running a cylinder through a course of cones within the mini excavator swing area.

The winners will be announced this afternoon sometime after 7:00PM. WBKR will post the results here, so be sure to check back to see how Billy did. Good Luck!

FUN FACT - I actually officiated the marriage of Billy and his beautiful wife, Whitney!

Whitney Howard