Life is hard. Now, more than ever, through social media, we expose ourselves to others' negativity. It's a world of harsh reality and contradictive truths. The confusion and toxin-induced stress can be overbearing. It's time to stop the negativity and embrace the positive, comforting, and warm light in our own hearts before we can help to stop it in others.

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We must ask ourselves... Are the people in my life a positive influence in my life, or do they wear me out with their negativity and unkind posts? Am I sucking people into my own negativity? 

Most of the time, I can brush things off on social media by just scrolling through the posts, but there are times it's very difficult not to stop and question why I let some people into my personal space and thoughts. Why do I trust them to be any kind of an influence in my life? But, more importantly, am I supportive and loving to others who have different views than me. The answer, not always.

Like you, I find myself more and more exhausted with all of the angry, selfish, mean, and disrespectful people in the world. Some of which are/were people I considered my friend. I hate to admit it, but I've been judging them.

Let me be clear, one doesn't have to agree with my viewpoint, but you do have to be kind. In return, I will respect you, hear you out AND be your friend if you treat me the same way.

Different viewpoints and perspectives are very appealing to me if they are delivered with reason, clear vision, respect, empathy, positive passion, and accurate information. I love to learn about new ideas. But, I have found myself judging others' views of COVID and the vaccines.

I hate to tell you this, but, you aren't always right and neither am I. Just because we believe it, doesn't necessarily make it so.

The exchange of views and ideas is one of the most wonderful things about living in this county. We all have our own opinions and should be able to share them and we should protect, respect, and cherish that right. I have to admit, I haven't always done that. How can I expect others to do it if I have not?

It's funny, I can't even be kind to myself. How can I always be kind to others? I talk bad to myself all the time. Maybe, if I stopped judging myself so harshly, I could also have more empathy and understanding toward others.

Really, honestly looking inside yourself, can be difficult. It's hard to be brutally honest when it isn't flattering. But, we have to.

Choose always to stay positive and try to get rid of any negativity in your heart. Stop judging yourself and others, and instead listen, respect and be kind to all.

#nomorenegativity  #yourinputaffectsyououtput #showempathy

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