Okay, that's it, I'm moving to southern Arizona. Who's with me? Yes, I know, I know. It's routinely well above 100 degrees during the summertime there. But at this very moment, it is 68 degrees in Tucson; it's 70 up the road in Phoenix. So yeah, let's go. Drop everything. We'll buy what we left behind when we get there.



I know we can't ever be terribly surprised by things like winter weather advisories and winter storm watches in, you know, WINTER. But for a few years, we've had it relatively easy. In 2022, however, not a week has gone by without some sort of threat (and yes, some threats have been much smaller than others) of snow. Well, Mother Nature has upped her game as the calendar turns to February.


Exhibit A: a Winter Storm Watch in effect for a portion of western Kentucky (our portion) and most of Indiana. And this time, a wintry mix is the culprit--specifically the possibility of accumulating ice from freezing expected to be the buffer (some buffer) between rain Wednesday night and snow on Thursday.

(Visions of saguaro cacti are dancing in my head.)


The National Weather Service informs us that the watch is in effect from Wednesday night through Thursday night. Ugh! Here's what they're saying.

"WHAT...Heavy mixed precipitation is possible. Total snow and sleet accumulations of a trace to 2 inches, and ice accumulations of one quarter to one half inch possible.

IMPACTS...Power outages and tree damage are likely due to the ice. Travel could be nearly impossible and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The hazardous conditions could impact those travelers during the morning or evening commutes, especially on Thursday."

The slew of counties in the watch includes Daviess, McLean, Henderson, Hopkins, Webster, Union, Caldwell, Lyon, Crittenden, Calloway, Marshall, Livingston, Graves, McCracken, Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman, and Fulton in Kentucky; Spencer, Warrick, Vanderburgh, Posey, Pike, and Gibson in Indiana.

Good old February. You never CAN rule it out, can you?

It looks like we all have a pastime between now and the end of the week don't we--weather watching.

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