While everyone cheers for the major college sports, like basketball and football, Western Kentucky University has one of the best Women's Volleyball teams in the country. Coach Travis Hudson is going above and beyond to help one of his former players out. 

Louisville native and former player Alyssa Cavanaugh was diagnosed with leukemia in September. She became the first All-American in WKU volleyball program history and she was a two-time C-USA Player of the Year.

Coach Hudson came up an idea to help Alyssa out in getting more people to register with donor registry. If any student on WKU's campus comes back as a bone marrow match for Cavanaugh, Coach will pay that student's tuition for next semester.

And if a match comes back for a student who no longer is still on campus, Hudson will still pick up tuition for the last semester that student attended.

Finding a donor for Cavanaugh will start with testing her family for potential matches, however, 7 out of 10 patients do not find a match within their family. The family then registered donors across four different WKU athletic events last week.

Hudson says if he doesn't find a match at WKU, he'll keep searching, taking it to the city of Bowling Green and to every school in Conference-USA.

Potential donors can look into the Be the Match program HERE.

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