My mom is one of the biggest fans of The Walking Dead. She has read all of the comic books and makes sure to tune in to each new episode while decked out in her Daryl t-shirt and fleece blanket to match. As if that wasn’t enough, she also avidly follows fan pages dedicated to the show on social media. With the show nearing the end of its 10-season run, I can’t begin to imagine the daughterly support my mom will need when she no longer has new episodes to look forward to of her favorite show.

Where is The Walking Dead Kentucky Mural Located?

Although the show films in Georgia, my mom was elated to find out that the largest mural dedicated to the show is actually located in Cynthiana, Kentucky. She was even more excited that the mural features her favorite character, Darryl, who is portrayed by Norman Reedus. Swoon.

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Of course, it was then that she informed me that this was added to the itinerary for the next time she comes to visit.

The Walking Dead Mural in Cynthiana, KY

Kentucky Tourism
Kentucky Tourism

Cynthiana, located three and a half hours from Evansville near Lexington, is a community of approximately 6,200 residents. Established in 1793, the town boasts its small-town feel and farming heritage.

Why is the World's Largest Walking Dead Mural Located in KY?

So why is the world’s largest mural of The Walking Dead located in the small town of Cynthiana, Kentucky?

It turns out that Robert Kirkman, the series creator, was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and then raised in Cynthiana. According to the Kentucky Tourism website, the mural, which includes large-scale portraits of some of the show’s main characters, was painted by Sergio Odeith. It was commemorated during the town’s Walking Dead Festival in 2016. The event hosted tens of thousands of people in the streets downtown which were made to look like replica settings from the show.

You can see this mural for yourself by visiting Roh’s Opera House located on Walnut Street. If you're like my mom and are a huge fan of the show, and are looking for something cool to do this summer, this mural is definitely worth adding to your list.

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