Many have asked, will it happen this year? Oh yes, it's happening guys. Christmas Wish is looking forward to another great season. Plans are already underway to ensure that every child in the tri-state gets a visit from Santa this year. Here are some common questions asked and answered.


I've been doing a lot shopping lately for those clearance bargains for Christmas Wish. Many of you that I see out and about are asking about the status of the season this year. Christmas Wish plans to move forward as usual. So many families are depending on us. We can do it in a responsible way, while following the CDC guidelines. After talking to some school resource officers, the need will be more than we've ever seen. As you know, we work hand in hand with the schools throughout the season every year.

Here's part of the challenge that lies ahead in the coming months. There are just so many unknowns. Will the kids still be attending school in person at that time? Will the schools get the needed donations to help as many children this year? If schools have to send the students that they normally would help to Christmas Wish, we could have another few thousand children to take care of. Can we handle that?

Last year, we took care of a record-breaking 6,809 children and 1,558 needy families. This equates to more than 20,000 gifts under the tree. We had close to 1000 Christmas dinner food baskets with a ham or turkey. It's hard to wrap my head around the possible numbers that this season may bring. But, I have confidence in our community and in you.

Common Questions Asked About Christmas Wish

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I think those are the most asked questions leading into the season. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.











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