Ever wanted to be the person to catch a glimpse Bigfoot himself?  Now is your chance!

Did you know that there is a Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization?  It turns out there is, and they are dedicated to researching the mysterious Sasquatch.  In April they're hosting an expedition where you can go and join them in one of the areas most well known for Bigfoot activity.

It's taking place April 2-5 at a "prime Bigfoot hot spot" in Western Kentucky. However you won't know the exact location until closer to the event.  When the event happens you'll get to spend three nights and three days with experts.

You will participate on a three night, three day camping adventure in one of the prime Bigfoot hot spots in the state of Kentucky. It's an undisclosed location in Western KY, with the exact spot being revealed once required paperwork is received. Every expedition has yielded amazing evidence such as homerun knocks, whoops, whistles, howls, growls, tents touched, tree structures, tracks and visual sightings!!!

Never searched for Bigfoot before?  Just getting into searching for the mysterious hairy dude?  No worries, whether you're a most skilled Bigfoot researcher or just starting out, everyone can enjoy this expedition.

The cost is $100 and that includes your campsite, dinners, and breaksfasts which honestly $100 for a weekend of researching North America's most prolific cryptid sounds like a steal. If you're interested, you can sign up here.

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