I'm not sure the world is ready for Ebola jokes right now considering that yelling "I have Ebola!" in a public place will get you quarantined and possibly arrested. But Halloween's never been about restraint, right?

A costume company is now selling an Ebola containment suit Halloween costume. It includes a white biohazard suit and mask, blue latex gloves and safety goggles. You'll have to buy your own yellow boots to go with it.

It says "Ebola" on the suit, so people will know that's specifically what you're hi-lariously spoofing. It's selling for $79.99 online. You probably shouldn't buy it.

On a related note: a company called Skout just surveyed people on the social media trends they think will make the best Halloween costumes this year.

The Ice Bucket Challenge came in first, so expect to see people figuring out ways to rig shower curtains, buckets and fake ice this year.

(via Consumerist)

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