The other day I woke up begrudgingly.  The week was over half way through and the fatigue was setting in.  I looked in the mirror and sighed with disappointment.  Dry skin, bags under the eyes, another gray hair, and a body that just refuses to bounce back after this third baby.  The harsh bathroom lighting, sloppy sweats, and poor posture certainly were not helping the situation.  For a moment I felt quite defeated.

Then I remembered that I hadn’t said good morning to God yet.  So I turned away from the mirror and although it seems trivial, I prayed, “Good morning, God.  Thank You for all Your blessings.   I know You have made this new day for Your glory, but I’m not feeling very glorious.  Would You please make me think I’m pretty?  Amen.”  When I spun back around, I was still a bit disheveled, but God put a smile on my face to get me started.

I dressed in my favorite color, brushed on a bit of bright pink blush, and pulled my hair back out of my face.  Then I set off to tackle the day feeling better already.

As I went about my morning, I felt a positive energy that surpassed my usual Diet Mountain Dew buzz.  And, I kid you not, five different people commented on how pretty I looked that day!  Praise God!  He compassionately listened to my silly plea for a self-esteem boost and answered it with “Katie, I think you are beautiful!”

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