I'm the mom of a seven-year-old girl who has more energy than a hummingbird on Red Bull. When her feet hit the floor in the morning, she is singing AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS. And, we often have to have conversations about quiet time. I'll be honest - she can completely overwhelm me some (most) days but I wouldn't change her for the world. When I was poking around on Facebook today, I saw a site called America's Kids Belong. It highlights kids from all over who are in foster care but can be adopted.

Thankfully, some children have only a temporary stay in the foster system and are eventually able to be reunified with their birth parents. However, many others can never return to their birth families through no fault of their own. These children desperately need the love and sense of belonging that can only truly come through adoption.

Ultimately, we imagine a future in which every American foster child – whether through reunification or adoption – belongs in a loving, safe, and permanent home.

I fell down the rabbit hole of watching videos of kids in Indiana, Kentucky, and then I came to Tennessee. One bright-eyed little girl caught my attention - mostly because she's my daughter's spirit animal.

Meet Zanna. According to the website, "Zanna is a very expressive, outgoing individual who loves being around people. She enjoys reading books, listening to music (mostly gospel), playing with her stuffed animals, watching television (Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud) and eating out in her leisure time. She also loves to sing and dance. She enjoys meeting new friends, doing arts and crafts and she also loves animals. Zanna has an excellent memory of details in conversations. Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, smoothies and oatmeal. She also loves to be outside playing basketball, jumping on a trampoline, and being involved in cheerleading.Zanna is described as an expressive child who will generally tell you how she feels, what she likes and what she does not like. She loves trying new things and being around other adults and children. Zanna enjoys getting attention and thrives on positive reinforcement."

To learn more about Zanna, visit the website. While you are there consider donating or checking out the videos of other adoptable kids across the USA!

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