Job Title
Windmill Bakery Associate

Job Description
Cutter: mixes dough in large mixers, rolls out the dough and then cuts the doughnuts. Able to lift up to 75lbs from floor to table multiple times in a night, standing for long periods of time, and work in hot environment.

Fryer: takes the cut doughnuts and puts them into a fryer to cook. Ability to stand for periods of time, lift up to 30lbs of doughnuts on a tray, and ability to work in a hot working environment. Works around hot fryer oil during shift.

Decorator: Takes the fried doughnuts and decorates with icing. Mixes icing from a recipe. Ability to lift up to 40lbs of icing at a time and work in hot working environment. Ability to stand for long periods of time during shift.

Shifts run anywhere from 12pm - 10pm currently. No more than 40 hours a week. Must be available to work weekends and holidays.
High school diploma
Passed Assessment test at the store
Passed background
Will train if no experience in a bakery.

Salary/Hourly Wage
Part or Full-Time

Shift (Check all that apply)
Second Shift

Company Name
Circle K Windmill Bakery


Company Description
Circle K is a Worldwide convenience store chain. We have one from scratch bakery located in Evansville Indiana known as Windmill Bakery. We specialize in from scratch doughnuts that are delivered to our 13 locations currently in the Evansville/Boonville/Henderson areas. We are looking to expand our bakery and grow our delivery area to other businesses and are looking for new exciting applicants that are interested in helping us to grow our Windmill Bakery.

Where to Apply - Contact Name
Carrie Dillon

Where to Apply - Contact Phone
Any Circle K Location
Where to Apply - Contact Email