It's National Dog Day and I am celebrating by sharing pics of my dogs with you guys!  As you all know (or likely know), all of my animals are rescues.  And it just so happens that I have two rescued Bichon Frises, who may be the prissiest and most dramatic dogs in the world.  Here are some pics of Dolly and Ellie!

Here's a tandem shot, following a trip to the beauty shop at Kentuckiana Animal Clinic!

And another (a little out of focus, but you get the sense that we are constantly surrounded by big fluffy fur balls).

Here's Dolly with her sock monkey.  I can't tell if she loves it or is terrified of it.

Here's a pic of Ellie sleeping.  And, yes!  This is how the dog sleeps.  She's a contortionist.

And Ellie routinely sleeps like this . . . nestled back between Kevin's knees.  This is just absurd. Is there anything more spoiled or rotten than this?

Dolly is a sleeper too.  But she likes to be right next to me!

And, sometimes, they both like to get in on some nap action.

Here's Ellie yawning . . . because she clearly doesn't get enough sleep (though I am not sure how that's possible).

LOL!  And here's another shot of Dolly.  I mentioned that she is drama.  I mean, look at that face! #DramaQueen

And, speaking of faces, here's one more shot of Ellie . . . during her first trip to the vet after coming to Kentucky.

Happy National Dog Day!  I hope your dogs bring you as much happiness and as many laughs as these two bring me.  They are HILARIOUS!  Dolly is the dramatic one; Ellie the bossy one.  But both are so photogenic.  LOL!

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