As many of our readers are aware, your BBB® has warned our community about the various robocalls offering things such as reduced credit card interest rates.  These calls employ the use of auto dialers which have phone numbers loaded into their memories to automatically dial those numbers with a prerecorded message.  These types of calls are illegal, and consumers are encouraged to contact the Indiana Attorney General’s (AG) office 1.888.834.9969 and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 1.877.382.4357 to report them.

Your BBB recently learned that political robocalls were added to the list of prohibited types of calls.  The Indiana Attorney General, Greg Zoeller, informed Indiana residents of the new Auto Dialer law which carries a penalty of up to $5000.00 per call.  The law “restricts the use of technology that automatically dials residential phone numbers and plays prerecorded messages.”

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