Remakes of popular movies seem to be the thing to do in Hollywood now. I mean look at how many times we have had a Spider-Man reboot! Sometimes these remakes are good, while other times, it seems that they are unnecessary and ruin a classic film.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is no stranger to remakes, as he is currently in production on the Baywatch movie. Before I go any further, let me just say that The Rock is someone that I have always looked up to. I am a huge fan of his, from wrestling to movies. There isn't anything bad that I would ever say about him....however there is an upcoming remake that he announced today that seems to be a little unnecessary.

Jumanji is a 1995 film starring Robin Williams that is adored by every kid that grew up in the '90's. Now, it is official that Sony Pictures and Dwayne Johnson are remaking this family classic. It is not official if Dwayne will star in the film, but it has been rumored that he and Kevin Hart will co-star in this remake, according to

Dwayne took to Instagram to say that he is excited to announce that he will be producing the film. While I don't think this film needs to be remade, I will give Dwayne Johnson the benefit of the doubt on this one and see how he does with it. After all, he did say that he will try not to screw it up...when he says something, he usually backs it up. If you watched wrestling, you would know that.

It seems we will have to wait until 2017 to "smell what The Rock is cooking" with Jumanji, but I will give it a chance! What do you think about this remake though?


It's OFFICIAL: Love this script! Big movie news that me and my canine gal Shang are excited to share;) To produce, create and deliver new properties to fans like #ballers to #CentralIntelligence is one of the best parts of my job. But to take existing properties that are beloved worldwide like #BAYWATCH and #RAMPAGE and have the opportunity to tell their stories in dope new ways to a whole new generation is truly an honor. It's official. We'll produce and deliver to a whole new generation a title that I love and is one of my all time favs: There's games you play for fun... then there's games that change your life. JUMANJI Working on an already very good script with my @sevenbucksprod team. Up next is meeting with our producer Matt Tolmach and director Jake Kasdan. Shooting starts this fall. Promise to deliver something cool and special.. and not screw the whole damn thing up;). As always I'll keep you posted. #JUMANJI #JungleLife #JustPressStart #SONYPictures

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