The Olympics are a great way to celebrate friendly competition. You’ve watched every event and DVR’d the ones you’ve missed. Your Olympic fever isn’t going away any time soon, right?

As the country huddles around their televisions to watch their favorite events you’re starting to realize that maybe your Olympic fever is turning a bit out of control. How much more coverage can you take? You still have a long way to go. Here are 10 signs that you’re burned out on the Olympics.

1. Your “USA! USA!” chant has turned into a hoarse murmur.

2. The candles on your Michael Phelps shrine are nearly burned out.

3. You can’t tell whether the videos on NBC are fake or actual Olympic footage.

4. You’re starting to take bets on which Olympians will tweet offensive statements.

5. You’re running low on your Olympic supply of fish and chips.

6. You started making your own Olympic medals using aluminum foil and spray paint.

7. You’re making the neighborhood children compete for said spray-painted Olympic medals.

8. Your Matt Lauer impression is impeccable.

9. The Chinese team is a bunch of “cheaters” in your eyes.

10. You start foaming at the mouth whenever you hear the Olympics theme.

11. You will only eat a meal that has been prepared over an Olympic flame.

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