When it comes to castles you don't think of Missouri as having any, but every year more and more are popping up in the Show Me State and so far 13 have been discovered.

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There are no Lords and Lady's living in these 13 castles, but maybe at a time, there might have been. Or maybe the builders just wanted you to think they were someone important by building a replica castle house. We may never know, but according to onlyinyourstate.com, finding castles in Missouri has grown from only six in 2015 to 13. So, where can you find these hidden treasures?

There are located in Eureka and Sedalia, Arnold, and Kansas City. Some are still lived in and others are slowly deteriorating, but all have unique stories and histories.  The castle in Arnold was meant to be a big and beautiful castle but never got finished and was left abandoned. The Miller Mausoleum known as Little Castle of the Dead in Holden is a mini-castle made to look like a mausoleum.

Creepy right? Here are five more castles to explore that are all located in Missouri.

5 Missouri Castles to Visit

Just remember that some of these castles are homes to many and are on private property, but for those that are not just think of the photos that you could take at the magnificent places.

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