Driving along the famous Route 66 you might come across some oddities and some really unique stores. One, in particular, calls itself the World's Largest Gift Store, and I  think they may be right.

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Located in Phillipsburg, Missouri The World's Largest Gift Store will definitely catch your eye while driving down Route 66. The store seems to have everything socks, toys, vintage Coca-Cola signs/collectibles, clothes, and even Lucille Ball's 1940 Cadillac.

I checked the Guinness Book of World Records and there is no such title as "World's Largest Gift Shop," but from what I am seeing they deserve the title. The best part is after you have walked for hours up and down the isles, right next door is the biggest candy store. Redmon's Candy Shop has over 70 different flavors of salt laffy taffy, over 20 flavors of homemade fudge, 70 flavors of bulk candy, and more.

You could almost make a full day of shopping and eating and trying out as much candy and chocolate as you can handle. When we took a trip down to Branson we stopped at the candy store at first you want to eat everything because the smells are to die for, but they you receive you can so you try your best to find the most delicious candy in the store. No matter what you get it's all good, of course, I got my favorite nonpareils candy.

If you forget to grab a present from your Springfield or Branson trip no worries just stop in Phillipsburg, they will have anything you need.


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