Animals, baseball players, musicians, fashion designers, actors, and all call Missouri their final resting place.

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Missouri has hundreds of famous people buried throughout the state. some honorable local mentions:

  • ADM Robert Edward Coontz - US Navy Admiral buried at the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Hannibal.
  • Arthur Forrest - Congressional Medal of Honor recipient buried at Grand View Burial Park in Hanibal.
  • Thomas J. Higgins Sr. - Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient buried at the Holy family Cemetery in Hannibal.
  • Gilchrist Porter - U.S. Congressman is buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Hannibal.
  • Edward Long - U.S. Senator is buried at the Grand View Burial Park in Hannibal

In doing this research I found that there are a ton of famous people that came from Missouri that I had no idea were from Missouri.

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