Wow, we can eat. Illinois serves up two the THE BEST DESSERTS in the entire country. As David Spade once said to Chris Farley, "I can hear you getting fatter." Mashed

When it comes to eating, Illinois can handle it's own. We are a state that has seconds, starts with an appetizer, and ALWAYS asks what desserts the place has before the wait staff can spit it out.

When you look at a list of the biggest and best desserts across the country, are you surprised that Illinois serves up TWO of them?

"Starting as children, dessert maintains a just-out-of-reach quality. Those magical dessert memories are so powerful, that young sweets eaters envision an adulthood that embodies the freedom to adopt an eat dessert first mentality for the rest of time. - Mashed

What a FANTASTIC quote, really nailed it. This is so true around us, in Illinois. Now that we are adults, those "out of reach" items can be eaten whenever we want, and boy do we!

So let's grab a spoon or fork, hell, use your hands...and dig into these two BEST DESSERTS IN AMERICA that are served in Illinois:

Key Lime Pie from Bang, Bang Pie and Biscuits in Chicago.

Ethan - Yelp
Ethan - Yelp


So middle America has the best Key Lime Pie? How about that?? I always assumed that was a sunny and sandy area thing...

"The Meaning of Life," cake. Gibson's Steakhouse in Chicago. this thing, dude...Each SLICE weighs in at SIX POUNDS.

Nicholas - Yelp
Nicholas - Yelp

Seriously, 6lbs of cake? Here's what you get in layers in this six pounder:

Chocolate Mousse



Whipped Cream


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