If you're looking to save money on dental work, this is not the way to do it.

Be Prepared To Pay Lots Of Money For Dental Work

Anything that has to do with your health has gotten ridiculously expensive. It doesn't matter if you're talking about medical, dental, eye, or any other kind. Insurance prices have skyrocketed and the coverage is sketchy. The average person can't afford to go to the doctor. The cost of procedures will put you in debt. That's why I'm not surprised a situation such as this one happened in Illinois.

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Finding Alternative Treatments For Ailments

Prices have gotten so expensive for medical procedures, patients are searching for alternative methods. If someone isn't feeling well, the first place they go is to the internet. They're diagnosing and treating themselves. Of course, the majority of the time it doesn't help. In fact, many times the problem gets even worse.

According to patch.com,

Illinois Woman Arrested For Pretending To Be A Dentist

In Round Lake Beach, police raided a home that was set up as a dental office without a license. They received a tip from a patient that received awful treatment from the fake dentist. Their issue got much worse after the visit. During the investigation, authorities discover a full dentistry practice in the house which included equipment and cash payments.  

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Avoid Unlicensed Doctors

Even if can't afford to see a dentist or doctor, please don't go to an unlicensed one. It could be very dangerous for your health. There are programs out there to help.

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