Move over, Halloween!  Here comes Santa Claus and he's coming in hot.

Folks who know Tara and Travis Estes, who live here in Owensboro, are fully aware of how the couple tackle holidays.  Tara, for instance, is completely obsessed with Halloween and she has insane amounts of decorations.  One of her most popular creations is her graveyard featuring the tombstones of popular singers and rock stars who are no longer with us.  It's like a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the Dead.  As her husband Travis explains, "Halloween is Tara's holiday."

I have been to their annual Halloween party and there is no doubt about it.  Tara goes all out.  Not only does she makeover their home for Halloween, she routinely transforms herself as well.  She has been known to morph into characters like Michael Jackson and Maleficent- to the point she's unrecognizable.

Well, October has rolled on by, Halloween has been laid to rest for the year and December is just around the corner.  So the Estes family has packed away the witches and warlocks to make room for Santa, his elves and a bunch of trees.  Seven of them to be exact.

Travis loves Christmas as much as Tara loves Halloween.  As he explains, "For as long as I can remember, Christmas has always been a big deal.  My mom and granny always went over the top with Christmas."

That's a tradition Travis has certainly taken to heart.  When you walk into his home now, it's like walking into a magical, winter wonderland that features some of the heirlooms his Granny Del used when she was with us and still celebrating Christmas with the family.  Travis certainly inherited her love of the holiday, as well as many of the decorations she brandished to celebrate it.

Travis adds, "We have one room (the "old fashioned" room) that's nothing but old vintage ornaments that Granny Del used on her tree or ornaments we made as children.  The tree is complete with bubble lights that many will remember." And, for Tara and Travis, making memories is what decorating for Christmas is all about.  "I guess I just carry on those traditions today so that when friends and family see pictures of our home, or visit in person, they too can feel the same feeling as I did growing up."

So, just how long did it take to decorate this year (a year, by the way, in which Travis claims they actually scaled back)?  About a day and a half!  As Tara explains, Travis "basically puts it all up and I take it all down."  She adds that she fully believes she's "married to Santa or one of his elves."

Take a look at these photos.  You may well agree!

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