When any crime is committed that involves a missing person or loss of life, the family is left devasted. But, if the family is left with no answers to provide closure, the agony of their loss can go on forever.

I have had this happen to two very close friends of mine. My best friend, my whole life, lost her great-grandmother to a home invader. The crime happened over 30 years ago and the killer has never been found. The case remains unsolved.

The husband of a woman who made cakes, in our community, went missing over 25 years ago. He had been driving the bakery van to deliver some cakes to a nearby town but never returned. The van was found abandoned in a wooded area parked along the side of the road. Foul play was suspected, but he was never found. He left a wife and five grown children, and several grandchildren behind.

Both of these stories are so very sad. The families still long for answers to what happened to their loved ones.

Back in 2010, the Kentucky State Police distributed over 8,000 decks of playing cards to prisons across Kentucky depicting unsolved case information. The deck of cards highlighted 52 unsolved Kentucky homicide or missing person cases. Since the decks were handed out, three of those cases have been solved.

Now, they hope that sharing information with the public, again, will lead to new information and leads that can help solve these cases and bring some closure to families.

Six Kentucky Unsolved Mysteries

The State of Kentucky, in an attempt to help solve many unsolved mysteries in the state, has put together a deck of cards with information pertaining to each case.

If you have any information, a toll-free tip line has been set up where tips can remain anonymous at 1-877-735-2648. The public can also submit tips via email at kyunsolved@ky.gov.

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