Last Friday evening, I rolled into Y-Not Pizza and Wings for one of our #WeLoveLocal remote broadcasts.  We're spending the month of November celebrating small businesses in the area and visiting many of them for the first time.

Now, I had been to Y-Not before.  My friend Josh Tyler used to own it and I visited the restaurant around this time last year.  Josh, however, recently sold the business to Jared Strehl and Robert Wright.  So, I decided to stop by and see how they guys are doing and how they're adapting to restaurant life.  In short, they're crushing it!  And they've got an item on the menu I have never seen anything like.

Y-Not is home to a 30-inch pizza!  Ya'll,  let me repeat that.  A. 30. INCH. PIZZA!

Now, according to Jared, if you want to order one of these, you'll need to give them at least 24 hours notice.  The reason why is very simple.  The dough takes two full hours of prep time before it's ready to be tossed and turned into a pizza.  When I got to Y-Not Friday evening, I walked back in the kitchen and saw this massive blob of dough sitting there, waiting.  Then, it was GO time!

I knew there was no way I was going to be able to accurately describe just how big a pizza that size is, so I got out my cellphone and started to document the process of building one and cooking it.  Take a look!

The Biggest Pizza in Owensboro, KY

Y Not Pizza and Wings on 4th Street in Owensboro serves a 30-inch pizza. If you want to order one, you have to give the restaurant 24-hours notice so they can prepare the dough. Here are some behind-the-scenes pics of one being made.

If you're curious, Y-Not's 30-inch pizza costs $39.99.  That's the base price for a cheese pizza.  Additional toppings are $4.99 each.  But here's the deal.  That thing is going to feed a lot of mouths.  On Friday night, a bunch of UK Wildcat fans got free samples of it as they watched the game in the dining room.

Y-Not Pizza and Wings is located on 4th Street in Owensboro . . . situated between Wonder Whip and Dairy Queen.

Jared joined me on the show today to chat about their 30-inch monster.  Take a listen!

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