Recently 458 pigs in Kentucky were seized in an animal hoarding situation. Now they have to find places for the pigs before September 14th when they'll be euthanized. 

458 pot bellied pigs were pulled from an animal hoarding situation, most are in distress, malnourished, and 10 of them are pregnant.  The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife set the deadline at September 14th to have the pigs placed before they'd be euthanized. However the Pigs Advocates League said that the deadline could be extended as long as rescuers show progress placing the pigs.

Here's what the Pig Advocates League had to say:

Many people remember the Polk pigs back in 2016, there is now a situation that is 4 TIMES larger. 458 pigs in Kentucky have a clock on their precious souls. We have 19 days to vet and place as many of these pigs as possible before the state of Kentucky euthanizes them. There has never been a more desperate time in the pig community as there is right now. Pig Advocates League has teamed up with Atti's Acres, Red Oaks Animal Rescue, Cotton Branch Sanctuary, Ziggy's Refuge, The Pig Preserve, and Esther's Army to save as many of these pigs as possible. PAL will be collecting all donations for this massive effort and distribute them for spays/neuters, microchips, health certificates, feed, and any other care needed for these animals. Atti's Acres has been coordinating the work on the ground and has done an amazing job. It's time for the animal community to step up and do what we do best - support and save as many animals as we can.

How you can help:
●We need to raise as much as possible to be able to vet these pigs so they can go into new homes. Please direct all donations to PAL: Donations can be made via PayPal to Please add KY to the note. You can also make a donation at

●We need homes for as many as possible! Whether you would like to add a single piggy friend for your current pig companion, or if you are able to provide a home for multiple pigs, we need you! Please complete an adoption application here:

●If you are able to volunteer any time for helping with transporting, or helping Atti’s Acres and ROAR with care on location in Butler, KY area, please email

Poor pigs! So if you've considered adding a pot bellied friend to your family, now may be the right time!

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